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Walkthrough: A step by step overview of the HMIS online System

Accessing and Updating Asbestos Information Accessing Information by Floor Plan│Photo Identification

Accessing and Updating Asbestos Information

Three levels of user security:

  • Administrator – Overall control over system. Ability to add other users, and update asbestos information
  • User – Most users have this level of access. Able to view all buildings and update asbestos information
  • View Only – lowest level of security. View only users can only see or print asbestos information for buildings that the Administrator has given them rights to see.



2. Select Project

Select Project

3. Select Reports

Select Report

4. Make Selections:

  • Select Output Format
  • Optional Legend on Each Page
  • Select Buildings
  • Select Type of Report
Make Selections

5. Select “Report”

To vew asbestos information via the observation page or select update to make changes
Select Output Format

Select “Report” to view asbestos information for this room

Select “Update” to change asbestos information for this room

Select Report

6. Click on material to be changes

Click on Materials to be changed

7. Complete New Data Entry Form and Save Changes



Complete new data Entry form and Save Changes

Final Observations

Final Observations

Accessing Asbestos Information by Floor Plan

1. Select Report

Select Report

2. Select Required Floor Plan

Select Required Floor Plan

3.Select Room

Select a room

4. Results



Providing a visual identification to the location/ material in question.

Visual Identification of Material

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