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Hazardous Materials Inventory System

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Why every building manager or owner needs to know what’s inside their facility’s structure, pipes and mechanical systems

Strict federal and provincial regulations demand that building managers and owners must keep up-to-date, detailed records of the exact location and condition of any material that contains— or is assumed to contain—asbestos in their facilities.
For both building occupant health and bottom-line health, a fast, simple and cost-efficient system of managing asbestos information is vital.

Our survey methods give you a complete and detailed picture of asbestos throughout the building

  • Choose room-by-room or area-by-area inventory
  • See building systems examined in 8 different ways, including floors, ceilings, walls, structure, pipes, ducts, mechanical and other options
  • Record quantity, condition, accessibility, visibility, covering and friability of each material and component


Who uses HMIS Online?

  • Commercial and retail operations
  • Educational, health care and government institutions
  • Petrochemical refineries and power generating plants
  • Manufacturing and distribution sites

Why trust HMIS Online?

HMIS Online is Canada’s leader—and largest Canadian hazardous materials consulting and management firm. We began as an asbestos abatement firm and now have over 25 years of experience in hazardous materials management and a in a complete range of environmental health and safety services. We developed the HMIS Online in response to our clients’ need for a simple, effective on-line tool to manage their compliance of asbestos and other hazardous materials regulations. HMIS Online meets or exceeds the record-keeping requirements of all Canadian and US jurisdictions, including US EPA sample protocol.
Accessible to our clients, made it available on the internet in 2004. It has been used for surveys of many tens of millions of square feet of building space over the last 18 years and is currently used in house by many clients.

How HMIS Online works to save time and boost productivity

HMIS Online includes a hand-held PC device to allow you to quickly survey and gather your asbestos information—including photos and drawings—while you’re on site. There’s no need for bulky, sometimes inaccurate paper reports. All information is available through your Internet browser, so there’s no software to install.

  • Generate or update detailed reports by choosing the option that best suits your needs, with data access by quantity, condition or location of asbestos — including floor plan and room access
  • Enter data for up to 1.5 million sq. ft. with drawings, and 2 million sq. ft. without drawings
  • Upload reports in HTM, Excel or PDF format options
  • Upload photos and quickly compare “before” and “after” removal images
  • Ensure data is safe with 3 levels of user security access
  • Use action report function to prioritize abatement or follow-up actions
  • Learn about HMIS Online through our easy-to-use on-line demonstration and training tutorial

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